Once in My Life Time
Life is just like riding roller coaster.There will be ups and downs, but it's your choice either to scream or enjoy the ride.

Hello, welcome back to my blog!  My name is Alicia Elena Jasmine. At this chance, I want to share a miserable story that I've had in the past and of course, my savior(s). Enjoy!
[9th of January 2016]
That day was my birthday, but it seems just like another ordinary day to me. Truthfully, I was not expecting too much for my birthday, I was just hoping that I could run through that day smoothly. But honestly, I will be very pleased if somebody would remember my birthday. As for me, it was enough when someone-especially who are close to me-wish me a happy birthday.
The day started when a light broke through the window, as so, I opened my eyes. As soon as I woke up, I checked around my house but couldn't find my parents and my sisters. I asked my maid, and she said that my family had gone to the church few hours ago. She explaine…
between Alicia Elena and Shofi Meysa.
Hello! Welcome back to my blog!
Let's take a look of a conversation between me, Alicia Elena, and my friend, Shofi Meysa.

The bell rings, signify now it's time to take a break. I'm on my way to the canteen to buy some foods. As soon as I arrive near the canteen, I run and accidentally bump into a girl.

Shofi : *Shofi falls down* Aw! Watch your step, please!
Elena : Oh, I'm so sorry... I was not see you there. *I immediately help her to stand up*
Shofi : Hmm, it's okay.. By the way what is your name? I haven't see you around here before.
Elena : Thanks! I'm Alicia Elena, I am a tenth grader. How about you? I have never see you too before.
Shofi : I'm Shofi, I am an eleventh grader.
Elena : Wow! So, you are my senior, aren't you?
Shofi : Exactly! But, you can just treat me as your friend.
Elena : Oh my God! You're so kind to me.
Shofi : Hey, would you go buy some meals with me?
Elena : Of course…

I want to share my stories that is not so interesting. I want to show you that life is to learn good things, not to always cursing things that you hate. Because once you think that someone is not happy for your life, you will ruin yourself.

Alicia Elena Jasmine. She is a girl that was born on 9th of January 2002 at a hospital called Borromeus in Bandung. Physically, Elena is different from her sister that is so similar with her mother. Elena has a face of their parents faces. Elena has big eyes, pointed nose, big ears, and thin pink lips. The new baby is so cute, everyone surely will fall in love with her cuteness.

Her parents was so happy welcoming her as their new baby girl. After she was showered by the nurse, her mother cuddled her so tight. She was so thankful that Elena is born safely, normal, without any illness. Her father was there too, sitting right next to them with his big smile. After a few weeks, Elena and her mother came back from the hospital to their ti…